a-clockwork-norm said: but I love you Batman

OMG WHAT’S THIS? I’M CURED. Thank you for your love my dear, sweet, sweet Norm. :’D <3

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pzychokittie said: I totally tried to pronounce the last word and my boyfriend looked at me weird. Hope you feel better soon!

:) Thanks lovely ladyyy <3 !

edfieldsforever sent: I was unaware you digged misfits! Whaaaat.

Fool! I’ve watched every episode at least twice :P I watched/finished it at the end of season 3.

Anonymous sent: omg why angelina is so beautiful ?

She’s basically sex in human form haha, soooo beautiful.

ohheyjordan sent: the motorola defy! water resistant up to three feet! it was fun.

That’s sick!

pmore sent: I got into D3 beta. this game is SICK

Tim did too, lucky jerks. :(
Another friend of mine got into it AND the Dota 2 beta. Ugh

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straightedgecatdad sent: Have you got into D3 beta yet?

Wish I could say yes. :( A good handful of people in my city got into the beta with the latest NA invites sent out, unfortunately I didn’t. Did you get into it?

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helladramatic-deactivated201201 sent: what day was your birthday?

December 24th :)!

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normsnoodlyappendage-deactivate sent: batmaaaaaaaaan I forgot to say happy birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOE. ;__; forgive my lateness

THANKS SLUT <3 you are most certainly NOT FORGIVEN D:< just kidding miss you.

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the-strega sent: Hope you had a great birthday and a lovely Christmas..! <3

:3 Thank you Sir Strega! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well!

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normnbates replied to your photo: Posting to look back and remember probably the…

You play league of legends?

Gradually, didn’t like it before but kind of warming up to it.

ohheyjordan sent: ugh god yes. i would have been broke as fuck. plus living in kitchener and upgrading to toronto is insane. do you have facebook! do i have you on facebook! lol

Veeeeeery true! Definitely not a fan of the intensity that comes with Toronto, even though every city in Ontario is pretty much in Toronto’s shadow when it comes to events. :/
I do, and you don’t aha. I’ll pm you it. :)

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ohheyjordan sent: i did, actually. hahah. i was going to go to humber in toronto but i was like eff that... and now i really don't know what i want to do.

Why? D: Didn’t like Humber?

I REALLY wanted to go to George Brown, but living in Toronto = lol what is money lol, since they don’t have residence. So yea, if your reasoning is because it’s Toronto, I feel you.

ohheyjordan sent: hahah i don't even have time to play the games i'm buying anymore!

BUT… Rolling in money, free giveaways, and your store’s games.. Oh you’re definitely living the hard gamer life there. ;)
Did you decide to not go to school yet?

ohheyjordan sent: ps, that shirt is so fucking awesome eh?

sgdhsdiohga so awesome, also pretty cheap in my opinion! Coat’s a beast too.
Actually, in general every piece of clothing on that site seems to be pretty goddamn perfect.

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