ohheyjordan sent: i am still at EB ! :3

Oooh! I was wondering because you said you weren’t getting any hours, now you’re drowning in em. Haha lucky you. :)

slingyourhook sent: I'm sorry! I'd share some if I could! :3

I’d totally be willing to pay for shipping. :) Haha!

the-strega sent: I've noticed that only cool people have medusa piercings. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you got one. :]

D’awe, you. :’) Thank you lovely Miles!

WAIT you haven’t gotten yours yet then, get to it.

darkblonde01 sent: How would you define comfortable?

Hmm, lots of “comfortable” definitions. Er, this is the best I can think of, excuse me if I sound like an idiot.

Not pressing your limits. Staying in a “comfort” zone of decisions,  etc, that your morale supports. When you can lower your self-defense, feel no pressure, feel confident.

edfieldsforever sent: LOL your readmore pretty much describes me (a)

Looool it’s not just you though, so don’t fret.

Pretty much every Tumblr user has Harry Potter all over their dashboard, so I’m not really all rage over it, there’s just no escaping it.

PS, text me (same number) so I have you on my new phone’s contacts list!

shareascare sent: I am sorry to bother you but I think that you have a very interesting blog, and would you please help us by posting this message and please check out the first anonymous social network support group at www.shareascare.com and join a community like no other, made up of individuals going through similar things as yourself or become a friend/supporter of somebody that may really need your companionship, or simply help us spread the word about our message that no one has to be alone...thank you!

To be honest I’m not sure if this is legit or not, but if anyone who comes across my blog and sees this and wants to check it out, here’s the info.

thestrega replied to your post: Becky! Have you seen the pool? They flipped the bitch! xD
Yeah, I did… Please don’t slap me, though! You’ll change your mind when you see how really, really, ridiculously good-looking it is..! D:

We will see about that… D:< I’LL SEE YOU IN 1 HOUR. Prepare.

the-strega sent: Becky! Have you seen the pool? They flipped the bitch! xD


OH BY THE WAY I HEARD YOU CUT YOUR HAIR… I hope Crystal warned you about me slapping you.

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miss-pandemic sent: I love you.

You will always be my best friend, Becky. And even though you never do, you can always bother me at any time. I'd be more than happy to walk down to your place at 3AM just to talk or listen. ♥

♥ I love you too, thank you for this.

Just having a really crummy past week. Will be fun hanging out you this week!

cris178-deactivated20140805 sent: cool zune hd


the-strega sent: *hug*
Because I figured that you could use one.

*hug* :) Thank you Miles.

I miss you!

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bloodstainedsmile said: id cover for you if i could B <3 

♥♥ Timmie Hoes unite

ohheyjordan sent: hahah, well thank you!
yeah, it's actually pretty legit.. i live like 8 minutes away from it. but unfortunately they aren't giving me a lot of hours because april - august is major down time for video game distributors :( so i may have to look into something else.
it's really awesome, i get free swag ALL the time, and free titles every once in a while, just got undead nightmare a few weeks ago hahah :3

No wayy! That sucks so  badly :( It’s like a gamer’s dream to work there, even partially at least.

There really isn’t anything coming out that I know of between then too. All of the major titles are dated for Q4 (mm skyrim and diablo 3, hopefully). When did you start working there?

I’m crazy jealous, actually, Undead Nightmare is so fun.  Getting to work there AND free stuff to boot? |: Luckiest gamer.

ohheyjordan sent: how was i not following you before! hahah.
love your blog!

Aha, thanks! :) Love your blog as well.

And forever jealous of your job at EB Games.

miss-pandemic sent: y u so babelicious?

y u so dericious?